Wealth Management

Did you know…?

  • 60% of business owners do not have a financial advisor
  • 30% of business owners have not calculated their financial needs for retirement
  • 75% of business owners do not have a plan to transfer proprietorship upon their departure from business

To address these deficiencies, the wealth management division of COX Capital Group assist business owners with the above (and other) concerns that affect their business and personal growth.

COX Capital Group offers well-informed, enterprising, dependable, financial planning which gives business owners the security of having an experienced pecuniary advocate protecting and managing their wealth, thus proving freedom to grow their business and focus on their family.

Why Wealth Management?

The professionals at COX Capital Group work to protect and manage your wealth using a comprehensive plan including (but not limited to) financial advice, investment tips, accounting services, tax preparation, retirement planning, and estate planning. Wealth managers take careful time and opportunity to get to know their clients so financial blueprints can be prepared that are specific to each families unique needs. COX Capital Group clients are more than just accounts, they are valued members of the COX family.

Retirement Planning

The COX Capital Group wealth management team is well-versed in the challenges retirement planning can present. After taking into account the intricate circumstances of each family, our team will take the guesswork out of when to retire, as well as saving enough to live comfortably while continuing to provide for your family.

Fixed Income Strategy

COX Capital Group’s experienced team understands fixed income investments can be a key part of overall investment strategies, particularly as it relates to diversification. Clients can benefit from our expertise in everything from mutual funds to unit investments trusts, derivative strategies to market-linked investments.

Nonprofit Solutions

COX Capital Group recognizes the important work that nonprofit institutions, endowments, and foundations do for the world community. Our team can help tailor solutions to clients’ needs across a broad spectrum of focuses. Expect expert advice on investment management, impact investing, leadership development, mission advancement strategies and much more.

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COX Capital Group is a boutique investment banking firm
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