Project Finance

Project Finance

Cox Cap Group has been built with the mission to help create a better future through a robust financial foundation.

Hence, it is for this reason that Project Finance has been one of our specialized services. With each passing year, we work on perfecting the service to aid long term infrastructure, project financing and more.

Our team of dedicated experts have the capacity to meet each of our clients’ unique pain points and resolve them with a multidimensional approach to leave them in a better place than when we found them.

Why should you choose COX Capital Group?

Apart from the fact that our industrial expertise and profound knowledge of the subject matter is distinctive to our own, there are other key factors that have been pointed out by our prestigious clientele for why they always come back to us for project finance aid.

  • Authenticity: Since our philosophy rests on the notion of treating our clients like family, we reflect the same in the authenticity of our services. You will find that we do not lead you astray with unnecessary technicalities, rather keep it brief, relevant and most importantly useful to your case.

  • Resourcefulness: We provide a wide array of sub services under project finance. Though the services themselves are commonplace in the industry, we differ in the methodology and application of the same to the case in hand.

  • Punctuality: You will never have to worry about delayed results with our partnerships. As professionals we act on the right business etiquette as we have been practicing for years.

Our Services

Our offerings have been handpicked for two main reasons:

  • To extinguish any potential project risks

  • To ensure that they are able to meet their requirements and remain profitable to our clients

Industries we cater to

At COX Capital Group we offer sponsors and investors financial advice, consultations, site supervision, project monitoring, and opinions on minimizing their project risks. This is a result of our years’ worth of training to understand the nuances and demands of the energy sector and tactically apply our solutions to fit the same.

Given the volatility of the financial environment in the Oil and Gas market, we understand that investors will need a safety net to rebound from possible risks or even prevent them from occurring. On the basis of this perspective we provide – Resources audits, storage assistance, production and developmental studies.

Social issues have become increasingly concerning in matters of importance to stakeholders today. A slight mishap can threaten their reputation let alone their prospects or the project. Hence, to keep such instances at bay, COX Capital Group offers a comprehensive financial profile to help build social infrastructure i.e schools, hospitals, etc. to ensure that no stone is left unturned to create a supporting environment for the people that need it most.

The transportation industry comes with its own set of risks that investors often cannot stay away from. But with our help, it will not to be that way. Our portfolio and management have been set to ensure that clients do not have to face higher upfront costs or face losses from an economic standpoint.


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COX Capital Group is a boutique investment banking firm
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