Estate Planning

At COX Capital Group, we are committed to working with you to preserve your financial legacy and prepare your family for necessary governance of assets. Through our detailed estate planning, your family will have the tools they need.

What is estate planning?

Estate planning is the collection of tasks involved in preparation for management of a person’s
assets in the event of their incapacitation or death. It includes the passing of assets to
beneficiaries and/or preparing documents that will preserve assets in the event of sudden
incapacitation. At a minimum, estate plans usually involve a will, an advanced medical directive
and one or more durable powers of attorney.

What is an estate?

Estate is a legal term for assets, liabilities, and property interests. During life, an estate goes
up or down in value depending on your day-to-day activities. Buying a car means the estate
now has a vehicle and a note to pay for it added to the estate. At death, an estate no longer
fluctuates. An appropriate and explicit plan of action must be in place to help family members
with asset governance.

The estate will include any property not disposed of at death by operation of law (e.g.
designation of a beneficiary on life insurance, or a joint ownership of a bank or stock account).
If any property is not automatically disposed of at death, there must be a way to pass that
property out of the estate to its intended beneficiary. This often involves the legal system,
known as probate, or alternate methods, such as a trust.

Who needs an estate plan?

Everyone needs an estate plan. Without a proper estate plan in effect, the estate defaults to the laws of the state, which will dictate how the assets are handled. If you do not make your own plan to accomplish this transfer, it will be done for you. An estate plan also allows you to make provisions for children, especially in the event that they are still minors at the time of death.

What do I need to do?

Compile a list of assets and begin to consider your distribution preferences. COX Capital Group will work alongside you to determine the best course of action. We will work with you to prepare a basic estate plan. This can include a will, medical power of attorney, an advanced medical directive and a durable power of attorney.


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