Insurance Premium Financing

Is Insurance Premium Financing Right for You?

Are you a business owner, an executive, or a high net worth or ultra high net worth individual looking to invest in life insurance? High net worth and ultra high net worth individuals often find themselves faced with inordinately high costs on life insurance – a major investment consideration.

Many are hesitant to liquidate assets to fund high insurance premiums for fear of significantly reducing the ROI of current reserves. Life insurance premium financing allows individuals to borrow the money needed for this investment at rates close to LIBOR. Through insurance premium financing, individuals are able to sustain high premiums and avoid triggering capital gains taxes from liquidating existing assets. Premium financing is a widely accepted practice and a win/win/win for the borrower, the lender and the insurance carrier. Borrowers fund their premium while retaining their assets, lenders have secured, long-term notes in their portfolio and insurance companies and their agents profit from these large premiums.

A free consultation with a specialist at COX Capital Group can help determine if insurance premium financing is a prudent choice for you.


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