Multinational Corporation Business Planning

International Business Insurance

The multinational corporation remits a premium to an international insurance company; the international insurance company then allocates the premium to insure the following liabilities (in whole or part):

  • Keyman Protection Insurance
  • Funding Buy/Sell Agreement
  • Pension/Retirement Benefits 

Buy/Sell Agreement Insurance

A written buy/sell agreement is implemented to assure the
efficient transfer of a business in the event of the death of one of
the owners. Life insurance provides the necessary funding for the
buy/sell plan, addressing the situation for pennies on the dollar.

Keyman Insurance

Keyman Insurance provides protection to the company against the loss of
a key employee or executive. Without an active business succession plan,
the passing of an owner can have a catastrophic impact on a company
and family business. It can lead to a rush for a replacement and can
result in a transfer of ownership to the surviving spouse. The interests
of the surviving spouse may run counter to the interests of the business,
particularly where the objective might be income/liquidity as opposed to
the preservation and development of the company.


Assets placed inside an international variable annuity contract
accumulate on a tax deferred basis. These assets can be
earmarked for retirement purposes and distributed at such time.


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